About Me

The American Dream: reality or nightmare for you? I believe in everyone’s right to a good life, liberty, and happiness. I’m committed to aiding those who tirelessly work behind the scenes, ensuring our world functions smoothly. They deserve a secure and joyful retirement. Below, are the four main ways I fulfill this commitment.

1A Secure and Joyful Retirement

Do you have a comprehensive, strategic retirement plan? If not, your normal. About 80% of Americans have either an insufficient plan or none at all.

Yet, is being “normal” desirable if it implies being vulnerable to market crashes, inflation, and tax hikes—factors beyond your control—that could significantly deplete your retirement funds? Ever wondered why half of the Baby Boomers are estimated to outlive their retirement savings?

Do you aspire to be among the exceptional Americans who’ve put in the time and effort to create a detailed retirement plan? If yes, I’m here to assist you in crafting a strategy that ensures security in your retirement years. Our planning approach is designed to provide a rewarding retirement with the confidence of enduring income stability.

Do you think you’ll need less money when you retire? In our experience, that’s usually not true. Most people want to keep living the way they did while working. But a lot of retirement plans (if they exist) wrongly assume you’ll need less money. Our planning helps close the gap between what you think you’ll need and what you actually need to have the retirement life you want.

Are you prepared to put in the effort for a real retirement plan? A plan that guarantees you have enough resources no matter how long you live, protecting you from anything that could ruin your retirement. If so, click the button below, set up a meeting with me, and let’s begin.

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2Free Retirement Seminars

Did you know there are free retirement planning seminars in Austin? As COFE members, my team and I regularly host these educational sessions at Concordia University Texas in northwest Austin.

COFE is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to confidently providing the public with the knowledge to navigate the ever-changing retirement landscape. Contact me at [email protected] or (512) 739-6569 to learn the dates of of our next seminars and how to register.

3Youth Character Development

Ever considered baseball as a tool for shaping boys and teens into responsible, skilled men? In 2009, my son-in-law Trent Reynolds and I started TRPD Baseball in Lakeway, Texas for this purpose.

At TRPD we prioritize character and player development, teaching players to assess and coach themselves. Players can explore any position that suits their growth in the sport. Many of our graduates have gone on to earn college scholarships and play professionally. We’ve even held workshops with our teenage players titled “What Every Teenager Should Know About Money.”

Most importantly, we teach parents to focus on what kind of man their son will be when he is 23, not just what kind of baseball player he becomes. We teach parents and players how to build a healthy relationship that will last well beyond the end of their baseball career.

Contact Trent at trent@trpdbaseball or (512) 413-4466 or vist TRPD Baseball on Facbook or TRPDBaseball.com to learn how you and your son can benefit by becoming a member of the TRPD Community.



Do you believe, as I do, that every human being is sacred? And if that is the case, it is unacceptable to injure or harm them in the pursuit of business results? For over three decades, my colleagues and I stood for that possibility around the globe within some of the world’s top corporations. Standing for the simple idea that, “extraordinary business performance begins with leaders’ caring for and taking care of their people,” we helped leaders save thousands and lives and billions of dollars.

In 2016, I decided to retire my business consulting practice to focus on my family and health. That same year, I wrote about my adventures in my memoir, Heretics to Heroes, A Memoir on Modern Leadership. I am proud to say that Heretics to Heroes was named The Best Business Book of the Year by Canada’s The Globe and Mail, earned the Non-Fiction Authors Associations Gold Metal Award, and climbed to the #1 selling business memoir on Amazon where it remained for several months.

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I am a native Texan living in Round Rock with my wife and best friend of nearly fifty years, Julie; our son and my business partner, Charlie; our daughter Katy and her husband Trent, and their children Max, Jake, Evie, and Peter.

Cort is recognized as a prominent Wealth and Retirement Coach. He extends his services across numerous states, including AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, MS, MO, NV, OK, PA, TX, UT, and VA. Cort is a Licensed Agent (National Producer Number 18728967) contracted with Alto Financial Services, a full-service retirement planning company.