All-In™ Amulet

An Amulet gives you quick tips for embracing All-In Leadership that you can start practicing right away. Designed to be more of a deep but manageable dive into your own motivation and approach, each Amulet will help you become stronger and more self-aware.

Your new Amulet is:

Facing fear

The number one driver behind all business decisions isn’t profits. It’s fear. If you’re honest with yourself, you will find that you didn’t speak up in that meeting or throw your hat in the ring to lead that project because you were afraid.

You were afraid of appearing aggressive.

You were afraid of crossing your boss.

You were afraid of making someone else uncomfortable.

You were afraid of making someone else wrong.

The list is endless––and completely understandable. But that doesn’t mean you should accept it. Think about the last time you didn’t act because you were afraid. What opportunity passed you by? What change that will make countless lives better is still stuck in neutral because you were afraid of offending someone?

If you present your ideas and step up to lead in ways that always treat others as sacred beings worthy of your respect, you can’t go wrong.

Too many leaders thrive on fear, which breeds under-performing, timid cultures. Leaders, know this: ruling by fear may get you decent results for a while, but it is not sustainable, and you will never achieve the history-making performance earned by leaders who inspire.

This week, take one step toward beating fear. Voice your opinion. Take the lead. Your organization––and truly, the entire world––is counting on you.

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.
– Bertrand Russell