All-In™ Amulet

An Amulet gives you quick tips for embracing All-In Leadership that you can start practicing right away. Designed to be more of a deep but manageable dive into your own motivation and approach, each Amulet will help you become stronger and more self-aware.

Your new Amulet is:

Managing your point of view

Each of us has a distinct point of view that shapes how we understand the world. Formed by past experiences, expectations, beliefs, and current situations, your point of view is the powerful filter that determines your reality.

You can’t eliminate your point of view, but you can be aware of it. Recognizing its existence is the first step toward interacting with the world in a more complex and rewarding way. By acknowledging and attempting to understand your own point of view, you’ll be able to see other points of view, better manage your responses, and more.

To cultivate awareness of your point of view, do the following when facing a question or decision:

  • Take time to respond. Sometimes you’ll have a few hours or even days to reply––take them. Sometimes, you’ll only have a moment. At the very least, take that moment by taking a breath, and ask yourself:
  • How do I feel? Your emotions are clues that will help you discover and understand your point of view.
  • Why do I feel this way? What have you experienced that may be influencing your response? How is your past or even just what you’ve read, heard, and/or seen coloring your interpretation?
  • What do I hope to ultimately achieve? We constantly make choices that either move us closer to our goals or stymie progress. For example, if you hope to improve rapport with your colleagues and one passes by without acknowledging you, you can choose to think: “She obviously has a lot on her mind,” which builds camaraderie, instead of, “She is rude, self-centered, and clearly doesn’t respect me.”

Performance is the result of a chain reaction that begins with your point of view: your point of view creates your perceptions, which lead to your behaviors, which determine your results. Become aware of your point of view, and you’ll do more than just unlock doors to better performance. You’ll see and open doors you didn’t even realize existed.

“People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson