About Cort Dial

Cort Dial is the Founder of BULLETPROOF Future Planning, LLC and the author of Amazon Top 10 book, Heretics to Heroes, named the #1 Business Book of 2016 by Canada’s Globe and Mail. He offers free education to companies, schools, and individuals of all ages and income levels to familiarize them with the latest tools and strategies for financial independence and carefree retirement.

The Rumor Mill – It’s One of Your Most Effective Communication Channels

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Tip: USE THE RUMOR MILL. Need to get a message spread throughout your organization––fast? Nothing works better than the rumor mill. People hate to keep a secret and love spreading juicy news that they’re [...]

You Cannot Create Extraordinary Performance Until You Can Lead People

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IT'S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. When Chevron CEO John Watson retired he offered some wise parting words. In a post on LinkedIn earlier this month, Watson wrote that it took him some time to realize “that [...]