Laugh of the Month: February 2018

Why the cartoon's funny: It captures something that almost anyone who's worked in business has experienced: the dreaded brainstorming exercise. It asserts that brainstorming is of little value––something I've always felt and frankly, often experienced. Most brainstorms occur in environments where self-preservation is king, and participants don't feel comfortable offering ideas for actual change. Instead, hoping to save face and keep their jobs and the peace, they [...]

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Laugh of the Month: January 2018

Why the cartoon's funny: Growing up, I attended parochial schools. I often asked myself, "When are they going to ask me what I think?" On the other hand, what would the end product have looked like if Moses had formed a "commandments committee,” a la Obamacare? I've often wondered what would the world be like if humanity had only the 10 Commandments and the Bill [...]

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Tip of the Month: January 2018

IT'S ALL ABOUT PEOPLE. Chevron CEO John Watson has decided to retire––but not before leaving some wise parting words. In a post on LinkedIn earlier this month, Watson wrote that it took him some time to realize “that you can be much more effective if you recognize the importance of people in business.” Then, Watson imparts a sense of urgency as he reflects: “The sooner [...]

Laugh of the Month: December 2017

Why the cartoon’s funny: You’re probably reading this post while sitting in a meeting just like the one the cartoon portrays. Did you see All-In Blog’s latest Tip of the Month? In it, I dared you to abandon PowerPoint presentations. This is why. Looking for more? “Maximizing the Four Fields of Safety Performance,” the fourth and final installment my original series for ASSE’s Professional Safety journal was published [...]

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Safety May Not be as Black and White as You Think

I help my clients produce unprecedented performance in their organizations, often in safety. Safety is a challenge because many leaders relate to safety in a way that actually impedes protecting their people and operations. Their mistake: most leaders see safety as binary––black or white, safe or unsafe. That’s simple. That’s easy. And it’s wrong. Safety is gradient. Safety is made up of variables, each distinct [...]

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Laugh of the Month: November 2017

Why the cartoon's funny: It reminds me of when I served on a leadership team. When we would review the suggestions from the box, I often felt like jumping out the window. It illustrates the futility of "suggestion boxes.” I have never liked suggestion boxes. They are a clear sign that management really does not want to hear your suggestions. When leaders care about feedback, [...]

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CEOs: Changing Your Culture Begins and Ends with You

A friend recently forwarded an excellent BuzzFeedNEWS article to me about an oil company whose “executives are struggling to ‘reset’ the company’s safety culture.” I won’t come out and say the name of the company––their initials are B and P. Anyway, this BP has had at least 27 accidents, including five that risked the lives of dozens of works, at their Alaska oil and gas [...]

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Tip of the Month: October 2017

Six characteristics define All-In™ Leaders. When it comes to leadership development, I like starting with one in particular: All-In Leaders know who they are. Do you know who you are? Do you know what you stand for? Are you self-aware enough to act with integrity, which means making choices that support who you say you are and for what you say you stand? Be [...]

We Just Kill Someone from Time to Time

“We have the best safety statistics in our industry; we just kill someone from time to time.”  Throughout my career, I’ve heard variations of that statement from too many executives to count. They weren’t heartless or content as they said it. They were frustrated. Many had spent decades pursuing zero injuries, pouring time, money, and energy into the quest. But quarter after quarter, year after [...]

Laugh of the Month: October 2017

This month, I’ll introduce two new recurring features: Laugh of the Month and Tip of the Month. Let’s start with funny. Why the cartoon's funny: It features penguins. I always find penguins funny––especially the Madagascar penguins. I’m not sure why, but when something makes you this happy, you don’t ask questions. It takes a subtle poke at team building. I’ve never been a big [...]

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