Dear Heretic,

As I approach the last years of my career, it’s time to pass on all I have acquired—my experience, methodology and materials—to bold business leaders and those who coach them. The next generation needs leaders who are the fullest version of themselves to meet the unique challenges of this century. I want to help you become and learn how to coach others to be such a leader; and I want to teach you a methodology that produces unprecedented performance—All-In Performance Transformation.

Beginning this summer, I will host an elite coaching experience in Austin, Texas that is an inspirational, challenging, business professional boot camp called the Heretics to Heroes All-In Leader Summit. This summit is for Heretics—all of you executives, rising leaders, and coaches who recognize that you are your best tool for creating performance, and have the courage to make a major investment in yourself.

This is a new and risky endeavor for me. However, I know in my gut that many of you want to take that next leap in your development, up your game, expand your repertoire, and access untapped parts of your potential. My only worry is that you’ll respond to this opportunity by saying, “Someday.”

“Someday, I’ll give up being good and invest what it takes to be great.”

“Someday, when it’s safer for me to be the leader I want to be.”

“Someday, when I have the time and money.”

“Someday, when I have my own organization or program, I’ll demonstrate my true value as a leader.” 

Here’s the truth. There is no someday. And there’s no new organization, program or system. There’s just you and your potential.

Summit participation is limited to small groups and the first summit is already full. I invite you to visit to learn more and register.

I hope you have the courage to listen to the voice prompting you to join me in Austin. That voice is inviting you to a watershed event in your personal and professional life, and I would be honored to be a part of it.

Always in your service,