Last week’s post was supposed to be my last of the year, but we received some big news: The Globe and Mail’s Harvey Schachter ranked Heretics to Heroes the no. 1 business book of 2016.

Clinching the no. 1 spot in Harvey’s top 10 list for a top-tier publication such as The Globe and Mail is quite a coup for this heretic.

“I was surprised by Heretics to Heroes, not expecting much when it arrived,” Harvey writes.

I included only the lead from Harvey’s review here instead of focusing solely on his praise for the book because it’s a perfect reminder that in some ways, I am still an outsider fighting for my heretical ideas to be heard. Here’s to fighting the good fights––and winning.

Read Harvey’s entire review and check out his complete top 10 list here.

Finally, those of you still shopping for the perfect present for the executives or aspiring leaders in your life, what about Heretics to Heroes? I’m told it’s the best business read published this year.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. The happiest of holidays to you!

Photo by Andre Chinn. Used with permission via CC license 2.0.