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AUSTIN, TX | Spring 2018

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If you want to improve performance, “The only leader that needs to change is you.” This is my mantra and basis for my book, Heretics to Heroes”. That book and this simple idea apply to business leaders as well. We need to change.

Business transformation is no longer about leadership training or change programs.

Today, companies seek leaders who inspire extraordinary performance while caring for people and the planet. Whether you’re a business executive or rising leader, at my summit, you will become such a leader; and you will be trained and certified in All-In™ Performance Transformation—a methodology that reliably produces unprecedented business and safety performance.



Day 1: Mobilization Evening

Get to know Cort Dial and the other participants in a casual setting. Familiarize with the summit design, manual, schedule and venue.

Be introduced to the most powerful form of leader, The All-In Leader. Begin to grasp All-In Leadership and the All-In Performance Transformation methodology. Finalize your intentions and objectives for the week.

Day 2: Fundamentals Day

Explore and grasp the fundamental distinctions and models of All-In Performance Transformation. Receive high quality, comprehensive material packages for all critical elements of the methodology (8 total). Explore their application to your specific business case scenario.

Day 3: Details Day

Dive deep into the methodology and each of its elements. Understand how and why All-In Performance Transformation drives performance heretofore deemed impossible. Role play the application of each element to your business case scenario.

Day 4: Application Day

Continue to apply what you’ve learned and acquired to your business business scenario. Explore how to employ the method and materials in your world. Learn how to incorporate the method and materials into your approaches.

Day 5: Completion Morning

Have your remaining questions answered. Receive your certification and understand its present and ongoing benefits. Determine how to utilize your three follow up coaching “video-calls” with Cort. Say goodbye to your fellow All-In Leaders.


Participants receive the knowledge, skills and materials necessary to lead an All-In Performance Transformation. Materials include a comprehensive summit manual and (8) material packages which contain infographic posters, eBooks, PowerPoint presentation slides, and white papers for all critical elements.

All summit materials are extremely high quality and customizable to your company branding.

In addition to the obvious benefits of training and certification in a one-of-a kind performance transformation methodology, participants earn permanent membership in Cort’s “All-In™ Leader Community” which entitles you to:

  • (3) complimentary 1.5-hour follow up coaching “video-calls” with Cort to support application of the methodology and materials
  • exclusive access to Cort’s “intellectual property” (IP) and extensive library of models and material packages
  • immediate access to Cort’s future developed IP, models and materials
  • free participation in Cort’s All-In Leader Webinars
  • future access to Cort’s coaching at a reduced rate

Justin Foster

“No other contemporary business thinker has a better grasp of the switch to human-first models. Whether you are an emerging consultant or a veteran adviser, your time with Cort will change the trajectory of your life and business.”

Emily Soccorsy

“Time with Cort is a genuinely transformational experience. His events are meticulously planned and executed with care, grace and your individual growth in mind. Be prepared to have your mindset shifted, your performance elevated, and your potential expanded.”

M. Welland Green Consulting

“You’ll gain a deep confidence and understanding of the journey, pitfalls, and results a leader will experience becoming a “all-in leader” while developing and adding to your coaching repertoire.”



Lakeway Resort and Spa

101 Lakeway Dr, Lakeway, Texas 78734
Reservations: 844-822-2621
Phone: 512-261-6600

Participants are encouraged to stay at the Lakeway Resort and Spa, and are responsible for reserving and payment of hotel lodging.


Summit attendees are responsible for transportation to and from the summit on Monday and Friday. Taxi service is available at the Austin airport as well as all rental car companies. Attendees are responsible for reserving and payment of this transportation. All other transportation during the week associated with the summit is provided.


Monday: The Summit will commence on Monday at 3:00 pm and conclude at 7:00 pm.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 – 10:00 am


A light breakfast and lunch, as well as morning and afternoon break snacks, are provided each day. A group dinner on Monday evening at the famous Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis is also provided. All other food, drinks and sundries are the responsibility of the participant.


Austin is a very casual city so shorts, shirt, sandals or tennis shoes are fine (no t-shirts please). Days can be hot and sunny so we recommend you bring a cap or hat and some sunscreen. Evenings can be chilly so bring some warm cloths as well. Also, if you are staying at the resort and spa, you may wish to bring a swim suit and take advantage of the resort’s pools and spa.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family are welcome, but be aware that you will be inaccessible to them during summit sessions. The Lakeway Resort and Spa is a family friendly venue with lots of outdoor activities for children of all ages.

Please note that attendance at the summit participants’ group dinner on Monday is mandatory. Attendees are free to do as they wish after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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