The All-In™ Leadership movement is picking up steam:

At the beginning of the week, the Nonfiction Authors Association recognized Heretics to Heroes with its Gold Nonfiction Book Award, the organization’s highest honor. Award-winning books earn bronze, silver, or gold status, which is determined by a scoring system that evaluates criteria including writing quality and book production.

The Austin American-Statesman recently reported that Heretics to Heroes currently ranks among the top 10 bestselling nonfiction books at beloved Austin shop Book People. The hometown validation is immensely rewarding. reviews continue to pour in as well. “Could be a Millennial’s manifesto,” one reader writes.

“I have proposed some controversial step changes at my own work which borderline on heresy, and hoped that this book would provide some insights that I could apply to my situation. As I read it, there were several examples which resonated strongly with my personal experience,” another review says.

“Life changing,” reports a different reader. “Cort Dial uses stories to create a learning atmosphere that feels more like you are watching an amazing movie,” says another.

As more and more reviews are added to the mix, the five-star rating has held steady. If you’ve read Heretics to Heroes and haven’t shared your thoughts about the book, I enthusiastically encourage you to chime in––no matter what you have to say.

Lastly, I contributed an original piece to outlining what I call the Cynicism Epidemic, and how proactive leaders should respond to it. Ultimately, I see all of the anger and distrust of current leadership––from politicians to CEOs––as a real opportunity for those who are willing to lead with integrity.

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Photo by Dennis Skley. Used with permission via CC license 2.0.