I Have a New Mission

I still believe in the American Dream: all people deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. My purpose in life is to protect and support that dream for as many people as possible. 

Up until now, I’ve carried out my mission in two primary arenas:

Business and safety performance: Over the past three decades, I’ve worked with leaders of global corporations to improve performance, safety, and profitability. Our results have save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

Youth character development: I am the primary investor in and co-founder with my son-in-law Trent Reynolds of TRPD Baseball in Austin, Texas. Far more than a baseball training organization, TRPD aims to utilize the game of baseball to develop players into exceptional young men and women. 

I feel compelled to do more. You’ve probably noticed a d​ifferent focus of my recent posts: personal finance; and possibly you’ve come  across my new website: https://finance.cortdial.com. Smart, sustainable saving has always been a passion of mine, and now, I realize it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn as models change and what we thought we knew becomes suspect.

My new, third initiative that supports my life’s mission?

Personal financial planning: According to Forbes, only 4% of Americans say they are prepared financially for their senior years. Most have nothing saved for that eventuality. 

This is a big problem. It is a threat not just to those staring down their golden years with empty pockets, but to our children and our entire nation. 

It’s also totally unnecessary. 

As Americans, we have so much opportunity and resources. There is no reason why we cannot prepare for long and comfortable retirements––regardless of income levels or assets. I’m committed to showing everyone how. 

I’ll say it again: it is possible for any American to retire comfortably. The reason we aren’t is that most of us don’t know how, and most of the professionals advising us don’t know how either––not really. 

But a shift is underway. A new method for investing that is safer and steadier has emerged, and experts in this paradigm have shown me: 

  1. how to acquire money needed to fund retirement, even if I think I’ve started too late;
  2. how to avoid the stock market’s unpredictable emotional rollercoaster while earning greater returns on my investment;
  3. how to circumvent fees and taxes that eat up retirement assets;
  4. how to protect my nest egg from being ravaged by the effects of a serious medical illness––the number one cause of bankruptcy in America today; 
  5. how to find the best deal on health insurance;
  6. how to make the best use of my Social Security and Medicare;
  7. how to access my nest egg before retirement without paying outrageous penalties and taxes;
  8. and how I can help friends and loved ones prepare for their own financial futures.

Most Americans are being sold a rotten bill of goods by the established financial elite that keeps them ignorant of the better financial tools that are now available. I’m committed to showing each and every one of you these new tools. One by one, we’ll change that depressing 4% statistic and create households across the country that are financially prepared for a safe and secure retirement.

Cort Dial is the President of Cort Dial Consulting, LLC and the author of Amazon Top 10 book, Heretics to Heroes, named the #1 Business Book of 2016 by Canada’s Globe and Mail. He offers free education to small employers, schools and individuals of all ages and income levels to familiarize them with the latest tools and strategies for creating a joyous and carefree retirement.