Insure Your Financial Future with a New Kind of Insurance

There, I said it. The “I” word.


What do you think of when you hear insurance? For most people, the word means something like this: “I pay a lot of money to protect against something I hope never happens. If it does happen, it’s bad. If it never happens, I’ve wasted my money.”

But that is the old type of insurance.

There is a new, entirely different kind of insurance that will redefine the product as you know it. The insurance industry is on the brink of a revolution.

This new form of insurance is not designed to protect you against property loss. It does not simply answer that ominous question, “How will my family survive if I die?” Instead, it’s designed to answer a much more interesting question: “What will I and my loved ones live on if I live?”

You’ll probably live to at least 80––current life expectancy is 79––so that question is more relevant than ever.

When I became aware of this new form of insurance recently, my reaction mirrored most people’s: “Why have I never heard about this?” After doing my due diligence, I began to see clearly that this new paradigm is a no brainer. I now use it personally to assure my and my family’s financial future, and it has become my mission to make all of you aware of it.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Less than 3% of Americans know about this new insurance. Odds are, you’re one of them. This will serve as an introduction to how this new form of insurance prepares you for the two greatest threats to a comfortable and secure future:

1. Money. Unless you plan on working at a full-time job for the rest of your life, you’re going to need to accumulate cash over time to fund your senior years. Your current strategy probably involves the speculative market, which is risky at best, and at worst, flat-out dumb. I used to employ this strategy myself.

But is investing in the stock market truly a smart strategy if you can lose 30-50% of your life savings right when you need it?

The new form of insurance allows you to abandon the risky, emotional roller coaster of the stock market and grow your nest egg in a way that 1) accumulates more over the long-term and 2) is completely protected from market downturns.

Speaking about this new type of insurance, Tony Robbins said that for the first time, it allows Americans to “invest like the wealthy where you participate in the market gains but are guaranteed to never lose when the market drops.”

Too good to be true? That’s what I thought at first, too. But here’s the thing: this is as true and as real as it gets. If the market goes up, my nest egg now benefits from some or even all of the upturn. If the market goes down, I lose nothing.

The market has been on an upward swing for about two decades, so history suggests that a “correction” is right around the corner. Why not get your nest egg out of the market as quickly as you can, especially when you know that by using this “never lose” approach, your egg will ultimately grow more than it would just sitting in the market anyway.

It seems pie-in-the-sky, doesn’t it? My egg grows more-–and there is no risk of a loss? But again, it’s true.

2. Illness or Accident. This new form of insurance includes a “living benefit” that pays a portion of your death benefit in the event that you experience a serious illness or accident. Let me explain by using myself as an example. My new form of this insurance comes with a $600,000 death benefit. If I were to learn tomorrow that have cancer, or if I were in an auto accident, the living benefit component of this new insurance means that I can access a significant portion––in some cases, 100% of––that $600,000. That means I would be able to access cash while still living, and instead of worrying about how I’d pay mounting medical bills, I could focus on getting well.

I will never experience what most Americans face: medical bankruptcy. This is the number one form of bankruptcy in the U.S. today because, despite having health insurance and/or medicare, most are not financially protected against a serious illness or accident.

These are just two of the substantial benefits this new form of insurance offers. Other pluses include tax benefits––too long to list here. For that reason and others, I like to call this new breed of insurance a “Swiss Army knife”: it equips us to navigate far more on our way to a financially secure future.

If you’re interested in learning more, I encourage you to contact me. I’ll put you in touch with the experts who have helped me and who can help you determine what is right for you.

Live happy, healthy, wealthy and safe.

Cort Dial is the President of Cort Dial Consulting, LLC and the author of Amazon Top 10 book, Heretics to Heroes, named the #1 Business Book of 2016 by Canada’s Globe and Mail. He offers business performance coaching to corporate executives and superior financial products and expert portfolio guidance to people of all income levels.


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    Thanks Cort. Interesting and important topic. I look forward to scheduling time with you to discuss.

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