Welcome to the new CortDial.com. Here, you’ll gain leadership tools you can start using right away, and be plugged into a network of support and education made up of this blog, my upcoming book Heretics to Heroes, and All-In Events.

I believe leaders are at a crossroads. For so long, we’ve been told that peak performance in business requires sacrificing people. Today, many are realizing that is patently untrue––and we have the data, performance, and experience to prove it. A new brand of leadership that values people is replacing the old forms that attempted to stifle everyone’s humanity. I call it All-In Leadership.

People like you are on the forefront of this All-In Leadership revolution. The guiding principle for this vital movement in 21st century leadership is encapsulated in my mantra: The only leader who needs to change is you.

Take a moment to think about that statement. It’s life changing to realize that the ability to transform not just teams but entire industries lies within you. Make no mistake––that truth will intimidate as many people as it emboldens. Those of you who accept the challenge will begin a journey of self-discovery, influencing others, and building performance more extraordinary than you thought was possible.

As you explore my new site, you’ll notice that the bottoms of the borders at the top of each page aren’t clean, straight lines. They’re disruptive and unpredictable, like sound waves or a turbulent sea.

Like those blurred borders, your own journey is going to be messy. Sides you once thought were in competition with one another will bleed into each other and become stronger. This idea is rooted in a concept called polarity: two things we often think of as being opposed to one another are actually co-dependent. To thrive, we don’t need to choose between the two. We need to balance them.

Once you understand what polarity is, you will start to see polarities everywhere, in life and in business: the individual vs. the team; safety vs. efficiency; taking care of people vs. achieving top performance.

Throughout this process, I will serve as a trusted guide, offering tools and hard-won lessons to share that will help you adapt. Together, we will create a future that’s so much better than you even dreamed was possible. Are you All-In?