Kick off your next meeting with a five-minute, reorienting exercise I call a Leader Moment. Thought-provoking conversations or questions, Leader Moments change the mindsets of everyone in the room so that your team can be more present and productive.

Your new Leader Moment is:

Are we hesitating? If so, where and why?

Hesitation is a natural response to change. Left unchecked, it can thwart an organization’s mission by causing people to drift indecisively.

Help create a space where others feel comfortable sharing how and why they are hesitating by sharing a hesitation of your own first. Keep your explanation honest and brief.

Then ask each person in the room to share a way in which they are hesitating. Listen intently. Acknowledge every point of view and express gratitude for their willingness to speak up.

Close by saying something like this: “Thank you all so much for sharing today. If we can be honest with one another about what is holding us back, we can support one another and create solutions as we pursue our mission.”

Realize that some thoughts shared in the meeting may require follow-ups. Privately schedule one-on-one sit-downs with anyone who seemed to be struggling or who raised a concern with serious implications.

The entire exchange should take about five minutes.