All-In™ Leader Moment

Kick off your next meeting with a five-minute, reorienting exercise I call a Leader Moment. Thought-provoking conversations or questions, Leader Moments change the mindsets of everyone in the room so that your team can be more present and productive.

Your new Leader Moment is:

Does our team have good rapport?

We tend to think of rapport as a naturally occurring phenomenon––as in you either have good chemistry with another person or you don’t, or some groups inherently click while others fall apart.

That’s all wrong. Rapport is something we cultivate.

Begin by telling your team that rapport is the presence of respect, understanding, trust, and connection, and that strong rapport is the foundation of any achievement in a relationship or organization.

Next, ask each person in the room to share an honest evaluation of the team’s rapport. Then ask each person to offer a suggestion for how to improve rapport. Write each suggestion down.

Model rapport-building behavior by thanking every individual for sharing. Be clear. Say things like, “Thanks for being honest about the dynamic here. I know you were candid because you care deeply about this group and our mission.”

Close by reiterating a suggestion or two for strengthening rapport. Then thank everyone and ask them to consider the ideas for improvement.

Realize that some thoughts shared in the meeting may require follow-ups. Privately schedule one-on-one sit-downs when you sense it’s needed.

The entire exchange should take about five minutes.