All-In™ Leader Moment

Kick off your next meeting with a five-minute, reorienting exercise I call a Leader Moment. Thought-provoking conversations or questions, Leader Moments change the mindsets of everyone in the room so that your team can be more present and productive.

Your new Leader Moment is:

What are we afraid of?

Your team is afraid. They won’t tell you this, but it’s true: most of their decisions at work are driven by fear. They’re afraid of stepping on a peer’s toes, terrified of disagreeing with you, and worried about letting someone else down.

As a leader, you must obliterate fear––never use it to get results. Leaders who use fear as a motivator for their people are not just immoral. They’re ineffective in the long term and will always fall short of those who choose inspiration, respect, and love instead.

Begin your next meeting by asking each person in the room to share a memory of when fear prevented them from speaking or acting in the way they believed was right. You go first. Tell your team about a time you hesitated because you were afraid of the consequences. Your honesty will embolden them.

There are two main benefits to addressing fear like this: 1) trust between team members will be established and bonds will be strengthened; and 2) you will hear better ideas, receive greater effort, and achieve better overall performance as a group as fear is confronted and dismissed.

The entire exchange should take about 10 minutes.